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How to find a healthy balance to your lifestyle

Happy hot tub owner, determine everything you would like to understand to urge the foremost out of the advantages of your new installation after a hot tubs sale has been discovered.

Spa and health

The hydromassage and therefore the feeling of weightlessness provided by floating within the middle of the microbubbles are powerful anti-stress weapons. Knowing that stress is at the basis of a growing number of pathologies, it's safe to mention that having a spa reception may be a wonderful thanks to fight against the Social Security deficit.

Spa and muscle recovery

Among the advantages of the spa, there are especially a far better recovery after the game , goodbye aches and cramps subsequent day. Having a spa is sort of a physiotherapist reception , less talkative. Hydromassage not only promotes muscle recovery and reduces inflammation, but it also stimulates the assembly of endorphins, well-being hormones with analgesic properties. If your spa has an aromatherapy option, combine the subsequent essential oils with the massage jets: wintergreen + rosemary and / or lemon eucalyptus *.

The spa for better sleep

Are your nights too short and your sleep of poor quality? Think you're running out of your time to use your spa? Know that quarter-hour within the predicament of your spa, an hour and a half before bedtime, is enough to enhance the standard of sleep.

Tip: Set the water temperature to 35 ° C. this may lower the blood heat and make it easier to nod off quickly. Essential oils to mix with a soothing session: lavender and petit grain bigarade, or chamomile and neroli *.

Hydromassage or massage in water: an anti cellulite ally

By stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, the hydromassage fights against orange rind skin and cellulite. Drainage and stimulation of venous return even have a light-weight leg effect.

If your spa has an aromatherapy option, try these synergies of essential oils against cellulite: cedar and grapefruit, or lavender, ylang-ylang, and grapefruit, in equal parts.

The grapefruit volatile oil , found in these two recipes, also has anti-muscle soreness.

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