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find the best items for your kids

Reference in children's fashion, the site offers a unique selection of children's clothing, shoes and accessories. Our buyers have selected for you the must-have brands and the most advanced designers. Every season, discover the new Bonton, Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini or the Animals Observatory collections, as well as the children's collections of fashion names such as H & M, Disney or Mamas & Papas. The cream of fashion for children is at Patapam.

Choose clothes according to your geographical area

It’s very important. Indeed, we must be aware that we cannot let our children wear only summer clothes if we live in an area where there are four seasons. The same is true for countries where there are only dry or rainy seasons. We need to adapt our clothing options according to the climate.

How to dress your child when it's cold

First advice, you must bet on the overlay. The first thing is to avoid sweating, the second to get hot and the third to avoid humidity and wind. "

Cotton materials

Another major concern for a successful winter shopping is the material of shirts and other knitwear. There is nothing worse than the 'bad heat' produced by synthetic materials. T-shirt like Little bundle, Avon, Primark and Mothercare will make your kid pretty swag. Cotton is a very pleasant, soft material that brings real comfort to the child. In parallel, the textile industry has for several years developed technical materials, which retain heat in the cold.

Coat or down jacket?

Although it is often a major purchase and represents a real investment in adults, the coat is also a must in the child's wardrobe. Those in wool can be both elegant and warm, provided that their lining is in a relatively thick material, such as fleece for example. The site offers jackets like New Look, Benethon, Zara and Mark & spencer for the wellbeing of your kid.


Finally, to ensure your child a good protection against the cold, it is essential to opt for a cap. Choose those with ears, Peruvian kind lined with fleece, warmer and more comfortable to wear.

Kids like to feel free to play without ties, to throw themselves on the ground and get their hands dirty. Until adolescence, the function of clothing and children's shoes does not need to be aesthetic. The website boohoohelps you not to stress each time you want to dress your kid, all you have to do is to visit the page.

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