A great new way of conducting maintenance solutions

Innovation world is there, and we know that we couldn’t return back, because we are afraid about his speed of evolution. Don’t hesitate, because better we grew up like our new generation is asking for.

Let’s see more about smart glasses.

This is the genie on your work bottle. There will be a big changeset if every society adopts the XpertEye. When we say service maintenance, we already think that it is not an easy work. That why the casting to be in this place is very difficult. The reason is simple, where all materials are out of order, this industry can’t work normally. So, we need someone to take care of all our materials. We can work in a different way to maintain all things. But here, we find another solution to manage our maintenance service, working online directly.

How do smart glasses work?

Easy, just put the glass as a normal way, active the button starts to scan all image that you see. This glass will be connected with the server at work office, and everybody can help you to solve any matters. In the other way, a simple person who has this XpertEye will be able to solve any problem technic by calling remote tech companies which is able to help you with their expert.

A fieldwork fiche

When technician agent will get in the field to a mission, he must have this paper from his office as an order to do that mission. He has to be in work uniform in which there is a logo of the society. He must also present with a sticker with his full name, his registration number and so else. And he arrived with the best work suit. As a technician maintenance, he had a helmet, the gloves, and all his tools. As one of these packs of tools maintenance is this smart glass.

Don’t think that everything will be there without pains, you have to learn about how to use this gadget and how to explore it as capital as it is.

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