Getting the most wellbeing possible this summer

Whether you would like to enjoy cool water to refresh, for its benefits after a tough workout, or as how to spend quality time together with your family in summer, tropicspa can assist you find the simplest bathtub temperature setting. So, get yours.

Take Advantage of the complete Range of Comfortable bathtub

Today’s energy-efficient spas feature insulated shells and covers that prevent heat from escaping. In summer, spa covers also help resist the warmth of the sun, maintaining the water’s temperature. With tropicspa, you'll use your bathtub more within the summer. Through your hot tub’s instrument panel, you'll cool your spa to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in only a matter of hours, then heat up again later. Because 60 degrees can feel colder than the Pacific off a California beach, many spa owners choose 70-75 degrees as their perfect summer jacuzzi tubssetting.

Soothe those tired and aching muscles

The heat of your Hydro pool bathtub leads to collagen tissue becoming more flexible, benefiting many of us with arthritic symptoms. Doctors have advised people with arthritis that soaking in warm water several times each day relaxes muscles and joints and helps induce a restful sleep. The resulting stress and muscle tension relief has also led many migraine sufferers to say that bathtub use reduces the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Sleeping better

The heat, improved blood circulation, tension relief, and quicker carboxylic acid removal will end in a comforting state of relaxation and tranquillity, assisting you to sleep better in the dark.

Time to reconnect

Let’s face it. Life gets busier and more demanding each day; it seems you never have time to rest. Imagine your own personal getaway; an area where you'll relax, meditate and luxuriate in quiet times alone, with family or with friends. Feel the strain and tension seep out of your body as you sit back, stretch out and let the mixture of warm water; pulsating jets and therefore the natural buoyancy of the water do its magic.

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