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Before buying a horse take a look of these points. Then try this horse by staying with him two days, and look after the price because it begins to 1,500 dollars until 3,000 dollars. But have some budget also for his equipment.

What do you need for your first horse?

Take care of his race, there are 400 kinds of horse on the world, so choose the one that may work with you. After verifying his race, you have to ask for his age. About that, better to take a horse between 5 and 7 years old. Before any transaction, collaborate with a veterinary to consult the horse, you may spend 150 dollars, but better to have the specialist verdict. Then you have to test him if the horse wants you. You can have ten minutes to walk with him and to see if he doesn’t trample on you, but follow you kindly. Also, think about the best equipment for your horse. You can directly choose his saddle that is for a polyvalent one at the first time. By this case, you can choose a Western saddle. Looking to the best place to buy the horse’s equipment is a fight. But you can have more options to See here and get some advices to the coaching.

You can have more budgets

When you adopt a horse think that he can eat 60% of his weight, so you can total it on hundreds of foods and 40l of water a day. So, you will see that to take care of a horse is not easy. You get the veterinary visit once a month and you will have his vaccine, his dentist consultation and his osteon consult. For a good saddle, you will spend about 1,000 dollars. And don’t forget that you need to spend more on the winter’s day? Yes, you have to own a blanket for winter, is larger than the others. A drying cover and his cover kidney.

So, certainly it's an investment, but the more you invest in a suitable tool with a quality material, better you'll not have any problem.

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