Tips on how to take away the stress of the daily routine

Although cold therapy (cryotherapy) has evolved and the effects of the Nordic bath on your body have been lauded everywhere, hot water often has good skin and moral benefits. And let's face it, Cleopatra does not have to be called for you to take pleasure, you just have to take a bath, hot water, and be persuaded of its advantages below!

Relax and enjoy

When your spa temperature is set to 32 ° C, it seems hot, not: it is very cool as compared to the body at 37 ° C and the heat surrounding it. Young children love it and will use the spa as an overground pool under your guidance!

Chat and take advantage of the long summer nights

Restore the earth in fresh water, this is a perfect way to end the day. The spa is ready to sleep and refreshes the body and massages it thoroughly to prepare it for sleep!

Take advantage of any conditions

Does it rain? You can cover it with a sunshade (on sale in your spa) that protects your garden furniture from sunlight the rest of the time. The sun has disappeared? The beautiful bubbles will always encourage you to relax! And if sunny, enjoy reading and talking comfortably, tanning ...

Equipment to be used 12 months from 12 Expenditure

When summer is over, the ideal water temperature can be adjusted and used irrespective of the external temperature!

Enhance your pool swimming season

If you already have a swimming pool, the spa helps you to spend more time with hot water just above the temperature of your pool. In reality, you can swim and massage sessions to make your pool experience more fun in the fall!

On the other hand, the classic solid jacuzzi bathtubs are most fitting if the need to adapt it is determined by grave reasons. It massages and relaxes water jets which have a thalassotherapy treatment effect you won’t regret at all believe that.

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