An indoor or outdoor jacuzzi?

You have decided to take the plunge and treat yourself to a jacuzzi spa. But the question now is where to install it: indoors or outdoors?

Do you want to continue to bask in the water in summer and winter? We have a little idea of ​​what might appeal to you ... If you are unaware of the benefits of the spa, don't panic, here are the good reasons to adopt one in your home.

All-season relaxation

One of the benefits of the spa is that you can enjoy it all year round, summer and winter, at any time, day or night. You can relax in any weather, even on cold winter days. Indeed, there is nothing better than a hot and pleasant hot tub, right?

And even if you have little free time, it is perfect for short breaks: the average duration of a session is 15 to 40 minutes in water of 32 ° C to 40 ° C! Do not hesitate to use your spa as many times as you want, in order to enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life!

In 70% of cases, individuals prefer to install their spa outside. First from a technical point of view. The outdoor jacuzzi is easier to install, since it only requires a flat surface, an electrical connection and a water supply. The indoor spa requires numerous checks: the resistance of the ground, the ventilation of the room, the waterproofing of the ground ... Moreover, indoors, the dimensions of the jacuzzi will generally be smaller.

Another advantage of the outdoor spa is that you can enjoy your hot tub, but also the surrounding nature. What more could you ask for for optimal relaxation? The only downside is that it will have to be kept running constantly so that it does not freeze in winter, unlike the indoor jacuzzi.

You will understand that the choice of the location of your jacuzzi will depend on your needs, but also on the support that will come to accommodate it. Before proceeding with the installation, there are many points to see and study. Contact a professional to evaluate the work and to advise you on the type of jacuzzi to adopt.

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