Measure the spa water parameters properly

A spa session is recommended so that one can fully relax. For that, it is important that all the parameters are respected even if one has invested in a spapascher.

Respect for hygiene

Having a spa requires that we take into account and strictly follow the rules of hygiene in the maintenance and treatment of water. These points are not only important for ensuring the longevity of the spa but also for the health of all users.
To do so, it is essential to remember that a spa requires regular maintenance and frequent water treatment. To do so, remember to bring a small landing net daily to pick up debris from dead leaves or insects that may float on the surface of your spa water. This gesture would be a way to limit the proliferation of microbes in your jacuzzi and to allow better efficiency of disinfection and water treatment products.

For the maintenance of jacuzzi tubs, it is important to do it on a regular basis. To do this, start by cleaning the surface of the water and if possible continue by vacuuming the bottom of your spa with the appropriate equipment. Then polish the shell of your jacuzzi with a damp cloth without adding any detergent, remembering to scrub the water line well.

Treat spa water

This step is equivalent to checking the water parameters. This is why the first thing to do would be to check the pH and adjust it if necessary. This step is crucial, because a bad pH level could affect the entire jacuzzi: a bad pH would lead to a change in the behavior of disinfection, anti-algae and anti-lime products ...

Thus, after the pH, it will be essential to check the quality of the disinfection products: in most cases, the use of the bromine tablet is strongly recommended if you have not opted for an ozonator. Also remember to check the hardness of the water if it is not too soft to become corrosive or too hard to clog the spa filtration system.

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