Steps in commissioning a Jacuzzi spa


To put your spa back into service after having wintered it or if you just want to empty it, either call a dealer or do it yourself. This article offers you a checklist to help you if you feel like you can do it on your own. By the way, you can easily acquire a spa on the internet or in specialist spa stores. Equipment for starting a acuzzi spa First, you should have several strips to test your hot tub: the ones for the bromine, active oxygen and chlorine test. Then you need Jacuzzi fresheners, you have the choice between granular chlorine, active oxygen and bromine. These last two in tablets. And finally, A more and less powdered pH to increase or decrease the pH of your jacuzzi. Some rules for using a spa: · Determine the volume of water in your spa so you know how much product you need to add to balance the water. · You should get in the habit of testing the water before using it and an hour after adding maintenance products. · If you don't want to winterize your hot tubs or save energy, just leave it on all year round. This will prevent bacteria from growing because winterizing a spa still requires following other rules. · It is essential to turn on the filtration system every day even if you are not using the spa unless you have the J200 and J300 models where the system is already programmed.

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